Out of State


It can be very disorienting to have to go to another state to adopt a child. The stress of adding a brand-new member to your family is added to by having to deal with a strange place and people you don't know. We can help you with your stay in Minnesota by providing the following services:

  1. Assignment of an adoptive parent counselor who will provide you with information on the birth parent, and help you cope with the ups-and-downs of adoption and the wait to go home.
  2. Complete outline of the legal process and estimates of the amount of time each will take.
  3. Information on Minnesota laws governing birth parent rights.
  4. Quick, efficient Interstate Compact filings so you can get home as soon as is possible.
  5. Information on where to stay.
  6. What to see and do while you're here (including the Mall of America!). We really are "Minnesota Nice" and we want your stay to be as pleasant and comfortable as possible!